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research projects

Cultural territories deals with the construction of >East Europe<, focusing on a particular political and economic territory and the respective cultural configurations contained in it.

Shrinking Cities: In the USA, Russia and China, in Panama, Finland and Kazakhstan, cities are shrinking everywhere. Our previous understanding of urban development and planning is being called into question.


For 2008- 10, we are now inviting enterprises and collectors to explain the basis of their commitment to art. All have a relationship to Leipzig and/or to GfZK. Those invited are given Carte Blanche, in other words, it is left entirely up to them how they interpret the assignment.

The programme A contract for art? planned for the Museum of Contemporary Art in 2010 and 2011 deals with the task carried out by art and art institutions in society and how this relates to the opposing poles of artistic autonomy, social significance and the appropriation of art.