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Urs Lehni. INFORM-Preis für konzeptionelles Gestalten

Are You Talking to Me?
Conceptual design in the communication of art institutions
International conference


Date: October 19, 2012
Presentations: 3 pm – 6 pm
Podium discussion: 6.30 pm – 8 pm
Place: Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig
Karl-Tauchnitz-Str. 11
Leipzig, Germany
Language: Englisch

 Urs Lehni (Corner College, Zürich)
 James Langdon (Graphic-Designer, Eastside Projects, Birmingham)
 Binna Choi (CASCO, Utrecht)
 David Bennewith (Colophon, Amsterdam)
 Andrew Blauvelt (Walker Art Center, Minneapolis)

Franciska Zólyom (Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig)

The Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig awards the INFORM Prize to young graphic designers, artists and collaborations whose projects and publications have developed an outstanding graphic position or experimental working methods. The 2011 prizewinner, Urs Lehni, suggested conceiving a new design for the GfZK website as a part of his INFORM Prize project.
Here we are also concerned with extended questions regarding graphic design. How can the internet presence of art institutions be developed, and what significance does this have in the communication with visitors and virtual public spheres? How are an institution’s thematic focus points and objectives conveyed through the structure of the site, the functions it contains and the way it is designed? What is the connection between online and offline formats and media?
In what way are graphic design and the structure of the institution mutually dependent? Within the framework of the public conference, these questions will be examined using the example of institutions of various sizes and organisational structures (artists’ spaces, art associations, museums).
At the same time, the role of graphic designers in the area of conflict between the specific requirements of the institution, the task at hand and their own visibility will be a central theme.

The INFORM Prize for conceptual design was founded by Dr. Arend Oetker in 2007 and is awarded annually.

Are you talking to me? is an event organised by the Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig, in collaboration with Prof. Oliver Klimpel and the System-Design class at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig.

With the kind support of: Pro Helvetia, Netherlands Architecture Fund, U.S. Consulate General Leipzig, British Council

A Project by Oliver Klimpel and the Klasse System-Design

Date: October 20, 2012
Time: 5 pm – 7 pm
Place: Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst
Karl-Tauchnitz-Str. 11

A series of talks and a library of books that have become friends and dear companions to our invited speakers. Each of always two guests will be talking about one significant book chosen by him or her that is not in the college library yet, but will now become part of the growing „Library of Friends“.

David Bennewith (Colophon, Amsterdam) and the book by Mike Nelson  ‘A forgotten kingdom’, 2010
James Langdon (Eastside Projects, Birmingham) and the book by Helen Douglas / Telfer Stokes, ‘Chinese Whispers’, 1975



Monday, 9. April, 2012